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kon-paper /Editorial illustrations

kon-paper Magazin für Kultur und Literatur is an annual magazine that brings together a rich mix of poetry, essays, interviews and more written content where each issue is dedicated to a main theme. It is based between Munich and Berlin and is also printed with degradable ink on recycled paper.

Issue 8 focuses on the topic of "hunt". This time, the theme is visualized through a series of alien creatures that find themselves in different moments of the process of hunting.

"Hunting is a dance for two" shows the different stages of hunting (tracking, pursuing, and catching) as a wild dance between opposition pairs: winning/losing, lust/fear, power/powerlessness. Each of these abstract figures invites us to look twice - who is the hunter and who is the prey?

Graphic Design: Julia Hell
Editor-in-Chief: Pia Lobodzinski

Is the hunter crying for their prey
or because of their own guilt?

This predator eats their prey while feeling guilty about what they just did while also being unable to stop doing it.

Their mouth and body have a plasticity that allows their body
to morph and adapt into the body of their prey, like a snake eating a huge toad, making it uncomfortable for both parts.

The hunter

Am I the hunter?
Or am I being hunted?

This illustration depicts the feeling of being hunted and
the precise second in which the predator turns into prey and experiences the last seconds of terror.
Catch... and kill?

There’s nothing more delightful than playing with your food. This predator is enjoying the hunt and the catch, experiencing feelings of pleasure from the unequal power dynamic between them and the smaller prey.

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