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ZAZOO is a magazine for those inebriated by the effects of syncopation;
improvising on the dancefloor of life and never missing a beat.
Swing is crazy, it’s ZAZOO!

ZAZOO MAGAZINE #02 /Editorial Design

ZAZOO is a bilingual printed magazine (EN/ES) about swing culture in Europe, a re-emerged movement that has been growing non-stop for the last 10 years, widespread through countless festivals all around Europe. Specialized collaborators write about music and dance, both from the historical and current point of view, but with the implicit vocation of reflecting about many other themes – from literature to politics, including philosophy and gender studies– that make us re-think our own culture nowadays. And always taking the ludic and enthusiastic nature of swing as a base line.

The second issue,“Unknown Roots/Routes”, explores the origins of jazz and swing dance as the result of the mix of cultures of the early African diaspora. With the utmost respect and admiration, we believe that everyone should be aware of the historical context and cultural implications of this form of African American expression. The contents of this number are: The African Gene, a historical vision about how the mix of cultures and rhythms of the African diaspora merged into new musical forms that later evolved into jazz; american icons, with the first experiences of Norma Miller in Europe; an extensive interview with the Hodi Maputo Afro Swing Dancers in their European tour; Marie N’diaye and her opinion article about black culture and swing dancing; a history of improvisation from Bach to Coltrane, and a playlist of female musicians of the Jazz Age.

Editor-in-Chief / Bruno Padilla


with the support of Creative Europe

with the support of Creative Europe

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