THE WEIGHT LIFTER /  Entry for the Slow Down competition 2019

The Weigh Lifter is inspired by my summer experience at the gym, where I felt I was strong enough to not only lift weights but also “lift weight off my shoulders”. What an empowering experience! I think I’ll keep going to the gym in Autumn.
THE HEALER /  Entry for the Slow Down competition 2019

The Healer, a figure that never invalidates your feelings and will never judge your vulnerability. When a Healer hugs you, the space inside their arms is always safe space. Who’s a healer for you?
KEWL KID /  A3 Risograph

Kids nowadays are like so kewl...

PORTRAITS / Interventions on Risographs

DANCERS / Handpainted wooden sculpure

Here’s to practicing fast swingouts until your head feels dizzy!

Measures: 20x25cm.
Laser cut MDF wood, handpainted on both sides with water based acrylics.

SWEAT B4U STRETCH /Digital Poster

This poster was done after I learned the hard way that it is very important to warm up and do some cardio before heavy stretching.

KEWL KIDS /Digital Print A2
CORNET DE FRITES /Bachelor Project 2018

This poster was done in early January of 2019 to commemorate my moving to Brussels and the fact that the best belgian fries are so close to my place. NOM!

The quote undeer the poster is from a song from Yves Montand:
[Pour égayer ton sourire /
Des fleurs j'aurais pu t'offrir
Mais t'as préféré sans rire des frites

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