Menstrual Cycle /Risography

The menstrual cycle has different phases and everyone feels different about it. When the follicular phase arrives, I feel invincible and I feel like there is hope again. It’s like a blindfold falls off my eyes.
I wanted to create illustrations for the different phases of the menstrual cycle that had less to do with gender specific issues and more to do with the different energies the menstrual cycle can create within us.
With this print you can build your own little altar to your most significant menstrual cycle phase and build a meaningful relationship with your body.

Printing Technique: Risography
Size: 145x200mmPaper: Munken Papier 250grs
Printed at Studio Paradiso in Berlin.

How are risographs printed?
Risograph printers are very cool digital duplicators manufactured in Japan in the 80s.  The ink is made from soy beans and the output is similar to offset printing, creating lovely textures and mix of colors.

Every print is different due to minimal displacements of the ink cylinders.

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