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HABITUM /Costume Design

Textile materials serve as physical mediators between bodies, space and movement. In this project, I explore the relationship between “Personal Identity” and “Collective Identity” through the study of individual uniforms. Boiler suits (originally an outfit for workers), were also worn by many Avant-Garde artists as a way to manifest not only their belief in the future of a working class but also to state that an artist was indeed a worker itself.

Dogmas are only subscribed by those who agree with them. HABITUM is looking to make a statement about freedom, using an element of fashion which was originally created to achieve regularity and evenness: the uniform. In the past, morality and political ideologies were explicitly prescribing the rules that we must follow. Nowadays, this imposition is much more subtle and indirectly embedded in our society.

Model: Giedre Paplaityte

The proyect was complemented by typographical posters that studied other examples of individual uniforms through the history of art and a A1 poster that can be used as a sewing pattern.

Gustav Klimt (1912), Paul Poiret (1924), Thayaht (1919), Varvara Stepanova, Johannes Itten (1921), Vladimir Tatlin (1924), Aleksander Rodchenko, László Moholy-Nagy, Federico Garcia Lorca and the 70s band Devo were closely related to the idea of one-piece personal uniforms.

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